Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Today is the Big Day!

Today is the "Big Day" that mom has been talking about. We are going to Clinton Elementary School in Poughkeepsie to meet the kids in the afterschool program. Mom is nervous because it is going to be held in the cafeteria and thinks I might be distracted by all the morsels that people may have dropped on the floor at lunch time. I suppose she should be worried. I love searching for food. She is also nervous because it will be the first time we have to do my tricks in front of a crowd. She said she got me special yummy treats to keep my attention. I can't wait!
We're also going to be giving out my brand new trading cards. Don't I look handsome? I love kids and am excited to meet so many of them today! We are participating in Tillman the Skatedog's Blog Hop. Check out some of these other cool dog blogs!


  1. Nice to meet you Derek! Hope you did very well at the school today, we're sure the children love you! I have food "issues" too, I'm like a vacuum cleaner when it comes to food!

  2. Hi Prudence! Mom said we did really well today. One of the boys said, "I'll miss you Derek. Will you come back?" Hope we will get to see them again sometime. All of the kids helped color and draw pictures for the dogs still waiting for their new homes back at Animal Farm Foundation where I came from. They were all awesome!