Monday, August 12, 2013

What have we been up to?

We had a very eventful week last week. Over the weekend Mom took me to take my TT test and they said I passed! It wasn't very difficult. There were some loud noises, people that wanted to say hello, weird things to walk over, and a loud man yelling. Mom said it was easier than walking me in New York City.
Then Mom took me to my first agility trial. We practiced all week at different people's houses so that I would get used to doing my agility in new places. (And not searching for places to pee on which I like to do VERY much.) When we ran the course at the trial I had a hard time doing "off side" weave poles but on my final try I got it! So we had what they call a Q! Mom was very happy and I had fun rolling around on the grass afterward. Feels good on my back!
Here is what we look like doing agility in practice.

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