Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello Friends!

Hello Friends! After waiting a long time for Hanna my mom to realize that she was meant to be my mom, she officially adopted me! She bought my big brother Coleman and me these fancy bow ties and took this picture to commemorate the special day. I am still getting used to looking in to the camera when she points it at me but I'll get the hang of it soon.(That chunk taken out of the crate bottom was not my fault. Mom said Coleman's step sister did that a long time ago.) Many people who met me while I was staying at Animal Farm Foundation couldn't understand why it was taking so long for me to find the right home. I loved meeting all kinds of people big and small (I especially like kids) and liked playing with dogs. I walked really good on leash and I knew all my basic obedience commands like the back of my hand. My problem was that I did not like to be separated from my people. I got adopted out once to a very nice family but I could not be left alone anywhere without screaming and trying to get to my people. I cried in my crate at night and I busted through doors to be reunited with my people. I was returned to the shelter and that made me really sad. Luckily, Hanna and the other AFF staff were there and they started to help me be calmer in a crate. Hanna took me on as a project dog and soon decided that it would be much easier to work on my separation anxiety if she fostered me. SCORE! It's been almost 4 months since I first arrived at Casa Fushihara Aron and I am much better at being crated and have not screamed my loud and famous "cry of the bat monkey" in a while. I still whimper sometimes but mom says that is a very nice improvement. Now, one of the things I am working on is being loose in the house with the kitties. I still don't really get what they are, but I am very curious. Mom said that I can be loose with SU-PER-VISON as long as I am not in my crazy mode which happens every once in a while when I am very silly and wild. That is when I roll around on the floor and want to zoom around and grab random objects that normal dogs would not want to bags of dried spices or canola oil bottles. I am not allowed to do this indoors. Hanna says I can zoom around outdoors only. Anyway, here is a picture of me on my mat in the kitchen and Mini the cat in the background. When my mat is out, I know I am supposed to hang out on it and chill. It's very easy, see? I like finding my mat.
When Momma can not SU-PER-VISE me 100%, I am on a tether and I have toys and chews to work on to keep me busy. I really like all these rules because I don't like getting in trouble and I am good at listening...most of the time.

Tomorrow I am going to an assisted living community to finish my Therapy Dog evaluation I started two weeks ago. I'm not nervious or anything and Mom seems to think I'll do alright so I think it'll just be like a party - just with lots of people who walk slow, have white hair, and can't remember everything. Sounds fun to me.

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