Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I am now a Therapy Dog

Two weeks ago I received my Canine Good Citizen award and started on the road to Therapy Dog status. Today mom and I drove to Tuckahoe, NY and visited an assisted living facilty with Therapy Dog evaluator Ann King of Canine King. I was a bit distracted in the new environment and wanted to sniff everything but when mom asked me to lay down to be pet by the nice ladies, jump up into a chair so that wheelchair bound folks could reach me, or do tricks for the small crowd, I made sure to listen and perform. My favorite lady was the lady that couldn't talk but smiled a lot. She seemed happy. I also liked the lady who reached into her handbag to grab a Hershey's Kiss to give me but Ann reminded her that chocolate is no good for dogs. Phewy! Towards the end of our short visit I started feeling like I wanted to act silly and roll around on the carpeting but mom can read my mind and told me to think of something else.... so I crawled. I think they thought it was a cute trick or something. Anyway, I passed my evaluation, no sweat. Mom says for our first REAL visit we will have to come up with a short dance routine to make people laugh. We have little bits and pieces but she wants something snazzy. I hope she doesn't make me wear anything glittery........ Good night. It's been a long day.

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