Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I love tricks

My mom and her friends get together one night a month for something they call "Dog Salon" at Dogs of Hudson. They watch dog training videos and eat sweets and stuff. This month everyone brought their dog and we learned new tricks. Colten showed us what Ceiba has been working on... skateboarding!! Then he showed us how to start learning. Here is Nova and her mom Erica trying it out. Then my mom showed everyone what I have been working on...backing up! The smart people at Pawsitive Vybe have been teaching us cool stuff like this and I can back up a good distance because I learned how to target my back feet to a mat. I like doing it and I offer it a lot now. Here is my friend Ceiba practicing at home.

I had so much fun and did so good at skateboarding! My mom made a video for me.

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